How to Autosurf And Earn Money Surfing

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Using paid autosurf programs are one of the easiest ways to make money online. To earn money surfing, you don't need to invest very much money at all and you get to decide how much you would like to invest.

With a paid autosurf program, you simply get paid to surf the internet. In order to autosurf, you must join a legitimate program and you may or may not have to pay a membership fee.

When you autosurf, you are paid a percentage of your investment or membership fee of the autosurf program. The percentage may vary from program to program, but most get-paid-to surf-the-web auto surf programs will pay you 1% - 5% daily for 1 year.

Most people prefer to go with a higher percentage of around 6% - 10% and stay in the middle risk range. Anything above 12% is considered to be high risk. Autosurf sites that have high returns have high risks, so don't invest more than you are willing to lose.

Autosurf payments are processed every month, but some programs are now doing daily payments. Autosurf programs are set on auto so the web pages will automatically change every 30 seconds when you surf. Most programs will pay you to autosurf an average of about 10-100 sites daily.

In addition to earning money from surfing the web, it's also a good way to do a traffic exchange and get free advertising for your website or blog. This can result in a major increase in traffic on your site. As you autosurf, you earn credits through the program. You can use your credits to advertise your website for free.


To autosurf, find a get paid to surf site that allow members to set up a free account. An investment amount of your choice will have to be made, in order to become a paid member and increase your commission pay-out. If you autosurf on a daily basis , the earnings can be substantial and far exceed the amount of money you invest into it. You can make hundreds of dollars a day from a get paid to surf site.

For a faster and more profitable way to make money online for FREE, check out the site listed in the resources section below. When you go there, use the box near the bottom of the page to sign in and get started. This is a FREE program and it's safe to use.


Find an autosurf program that will pay you a bonus just for signing up. Some get paid to surf programs will give you an initial payment of $10 for signing up.


Invest money into the autosurf program. The more money you invest, the more money you can earn. You should be frugal when investing since there is risk involved. Programs that pay up to 12% are risky and require a bigger investment. It's best to stay in the middle range of 6-10%. After you earn some money from an autosurf, invest the money back into the program to increase your earning potential.


Do daily autosurfing to earn the most money. If you autosurf every day you can make a lot of money. Some people make hundreds of dollars daily from get paid to surf programs. After you sign up for the program, log in to your account. Most all get paid to surf websites have an autosurf button that you simply click on to start the autosurf.


Watch out for get paid to surf sites that are scams. Find autosurf programs with a nominal return rate. Avoid programs that have high risks and that run for more than a year. You can find out more about an autosurf program by searching online for helpful reviews. Visit blogs and forums where people are discussing autosurf programs and ask some questions about a program you're considering. You might even get a recommended site from someone, but make sure you're careful as to what you sign up for.


Earn as many credits as possible from autosurfing. The more credits you accrue the better. You can use the credits to get free traffic to your site and increase your online earnings. The credits can also be used to upgrade your account and buy advertising. The options will of course vary from program to program. You should check each program to see what they offer, before you sign up to autosurf.


Make sure your PC meets the requirements to use an autosurf program - the minimum system requirements will be listed on the website for the program


You should avoid investing large amounts of money if you cannot afford losing it - get paid to surf sits present a risk so you should be frugal


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