How to Find Factory Jobs That Will Allow You To Work At Home

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With all the work at home jobs becoming available, finding a factory job that can be done at home can still be very time consuming. But very possible. Working in the Employment field for many years seeking job for people with disabilities I can across more then one instance where a person needed to find a factory job they could do from home. My first thought was this is impossible, but with a little hard work I found out I was wrong.

Research what type of factories you have in your community. Be very careful not to go to far from your home because even if the work is to be done from your home, you will probably still be liable to visit the facility to pick up supplies and drop of work at least a couple times a week.

Look though your list of factories and research each type of factory individually. You will be looking for a work that has to be assembled by hand and not take special equipment (except for equipment you already have). Keep in mind a place that make boats may even have things that must be done by hand. Yes most things like that can be done by machinery but you are looking for things that is best done by hand. For instance in the area I live in I know of several individuals working from home from a fishing lure factory. They put the lures together, yes it could be done by a machine but the company knows it works best to have it hand done. The best research will be done by talking to past and present employees of the factory in question. Many employees may notice the work as they see employees that was injured on the job, this is typically the type of work you will be after.

Remember to keep marketable skills in your mind. If you are able to do things that the other workers may not have the skill for or have machinery at home the factory does not have that would be helpful your best bet would be to start there.

When approaching a factory do not start with the phrase "I want a job that I can work at home" unless they are advertising a job position that way. The best bet is to develop a personal network of people in the field and get insider recommendations. These individuals that you are networking with can be also helpful by telling you when the best time to talk to the hiring manager.

Do not approach the manager as you would do so seeking a job, approach him as though you are giving a business proposal. Do not let him guess what the benefit would be for the company if you would do your work from home, tell them. Be prepared not to get a offer at the first meeting, in fact expect the process will take at least a few weeks if not months. Be dependable, always call back when you say you are going to.


Besides the fish lure place I also know of people that work from home working as employees or contractors of factories that make candles, fishing poles, engines, furniture, and light bulbs. Work from home assembling materials from factories can be messy, it is best to have a place at home designated to work. If you are disabled trying to find a job contact your local Vocational Rehabilitation Center. Many centers will be able to give employers that hire disabled workers a tax incentive, this will give them another incentive to hire you.


Some businesses will laugh at you. Just smile and seek a position else where. Many factories that will use workers from home will only do so on a contract basis. Meaning that you may incur insurance cost and not have employee benefits. Contract workers should be paid hire then employees. Work at home employees will probably be payed less then employees that work at the factory.