How to Start Looking for a Job in Storyboarding

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A storyboard artist is a professional multimedia artist who draws out the scenes for a movie, television show or commercial, or animated features. The storyboard artist will then input the scenes into a computer, which prints images to place on a storyboard. The storyboard will present the sequence of scenes to allow an advertising agency to evaluate the commercial. Film and television directors also use storyboards to guide the placement of actors and props in a scene. If you want a career in storyboarding, job opportunities are available in several areas.

Obtain the help of the career services office at your school. To become skilled as a storyboard artist, you are going to need a bachelor's degree or other postsecondary training in multimedia art. It is difficult to obtain a job as an artist without the required skills and training. Your college or specialty school should have a career-services office to help students get internships and jobs in the multimedia industry. Set up a meeting with your school's career-services office or adviser to gain assistance.

Network. Many multimedia artists get hired through networking. Organizations such as the National Alliance of Media Art and Culture (NAMAC) coordinate events for members to meet other industry professionals. is another online site that offers events to network with other artists. Visual artists must stay on top of industry news and attend industry events.

Check the classifieds or online listings. NAMAC has a job bank for multimedia artists on its website. also provides job listings for artists and writers, including visual and storyboard artists. Craigslist will often have posts from companies and clients wanting to hire multimedia artists. Don't overlook the entry-level jobs. Sometimes the best way to start a career is with an entry-level job or internship at an advertising agency or production company and work your way up.

Polish your resume. List all your training, certifications and experience as a storyboard artist or multimedia artist in your resume. Note any computer or digital skills you posses. Make sure your resume doesn't include any typographical errors or misspellings. When you are called for an interview, dress up and present a professional appearance.


Storyboarders must have artistic talent and the ability to tell a story. Communication and presentation skills are needed. Attention to detail is critical.