How to Get a Job at Woolworths

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Woolworth’s was started in upstate New York by F.W. Woolworth, and it was originally a five-and-dime retail store franchise. After more than 115 years in business, that company closed its five-and-dime market in 1997 to ultimately become Footlocker Inc. in 2001. Because of the familiarity and popularity of the name, modern companies adopted the name for their franchises in the United Kingdom, Germany and Australia, where Woolworths stores were also established under the original F.W. Woolworth & Co. expansion.

Visit Woolworth’s career website to find out about the history and employment options at Woolworths Ltd. Read the FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) and their suggestions for making a great application. Woolworths states that it is committed to diversity in the work place, quality customer service and merit-based hiring to ensure the best potential employees get positions that best fit their skills.

Search their open positions online by geographical area or department. If nothing that appeals to you seems open, select “All brands” from the menu to see the total available job listings.

Submit an application online from Woolworths' website link. Either attach your resume to the application when you submit it or enter your previous work experience into the online form.

Wait for an email from Woolworths to confirm they received your application. Woolworths will send another email to invite you to engage in the next step of the hiring process or it will refuse your application. If successful, interview with Woolworths for open positions. They will check your references at the interview stage.

Interview via group process assessments first. Use this as an opportunity to ask questions about the company and its employees. Moving past this stage, you’ll be invited to a one-on-one interview for qualified positions or perhaps take a skills test to assess you competence for a particular position. If called, interview with the line or area supervisor who would be your manager. Find out more specific features of the role you are considering and interviewing for.


Take a paper copy of your resume with you to the group and face-to-face interviews.
Dress professionally and modestly for any interviews you attend.


Depending on your availability and the needs of the store to which you are applying, you might not be hired to work all the hours you have open for employment.