How to Start Your Own Wedding Calligraphy Business

By Contributor; Updated July 05, 2017

Hiring calligraphers to address wedding invitations has come into vogue in many urban areas. Here's how you can start your own calligraphy business in your area.

Be sure that your calligraphy skills are advanced. An intimate knowledge of at least one calligraphic hand is essential, and more than one is preferable.

If you have never done envelopes before, practice using a guide (a piece of paper that slips into the envelope and has centered, straight lines) on a light table. If you don't already have a light table, purchase one that's larger than most and angled for ease of writing.

Purchase all of your supplies. In addition to a good light table, you will need several quality calligraphy pens, a nice supply of fine ink,and some ground sandarac (this helps with envelopes that bleed; it's available on internet pen arts stores).

Now is the time to set up a web site. If you aren't experienced in making web sites, find a web hosting site that offers easy web buiders with templates. You'll find these very easy to use. A simple and appealing domain name for your web site is a must.

Get your name out! Many wedding web sites have free listing options, so take full advantage of these. You may want to get business cards printed and passed out or posted in stores where engaged persons are likely to visit.

All you must do now is be patient. The first client is the hardest to get, but it's all uphill from there. Enjoy watching your business and profits soar!


Becoming a member of a calligraphy guild, if your area has one, is a fantastic source of advice, fellowship, and business opportunities.


Be objective about your abilities and experience. To ruin someone's wedding invitations because you don't know what your doing is very distressing to both you and your client.

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