How to Make a Free Online Portfolio

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It is important to keep your work saved as electronic files. You can place saved work files on a CD, but putting them online allows for fast access to your online portfolio that you can direct prospective employers to. Several free websites that will allow you to upload your portfolio.

Research websites on the Internet to find a site that offers free space. One to consider is Carbonmade. You don't need any HTML knowledge. This website allows you to upload videos, flash files, photographs and more.

Decide which website has the best features. Some websites require HTML knowledge while others require you to use their templates. A leading free online portfolio website is Behance Network, which offers unlimited space for your portfolio. This is an essential feature for creative professionals who need to store large visual files.

Make sure that the website you are using appears to be professional. You don't want to upload your portfolio to a website that allows children to have portfolios of their cartoon drawings. Coroflot is a free portfolio site that allows you to post your portfolio, and allows prospective employers to seek and look at your portfolio. Coroflot allows for you to upload your portfolio for free, and then begin looking for a job to show off your work.

If you can't find a free online portfolio site that suits your needs, try making your own webpage, or adding your files to your blog. An easy alternative is to place your files on a free image hosting website for photos.


Always keep your portfolio up to date. Make sure that your portfolio is easy to navigate.


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