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How to Get New Clients as a Real Estate Agent

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New real estate agents need a marketing plan in order to acquire clients. They also need to let everyone in their circle -- family, friends, business contacts, neighbors -- know that they are in real estate and are seeking referrals. Finding a mentor, perhaps a top producer in your real estate office, can help new real estate agents learn the ropes more quickly.

Determine your objectives and goals as a real estate agent, such as deciding how many houses you want to sell your first year and how widely you want your name recognized in your area.

Determine your target market. Do you aim to sell homes in certain neighborhoods? Or do you aim to sell homes of a certain size or price range? The answers to these questions will help determine who your clients are and where you can find them. Tailor your marketing efforts to this particular demographic.

Establish a budget for advertising and business cards that will allow you to promote yourself.

Carry your business cards with you wherever you go. You never know when you are going to run into someone who will be in the market for a new home soon.

Advertise. Consider placing an ad in newspapers or on the internet. Explain why you'd be the best real estate agent for the job. Ads work even better if you have a website to refer new clients to that contains even more information.

Send your business card to everyone you know, along with a letter explaining that you're now working in real estate and ready to help them with their home buying and selling needs. Also let people in community groups or your church know that you're selling real estate.

Find a top seller in your real estate office and offer to help her at an open house or other event in exchange for tips on how to build and retain a client base.


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