How to Pass the KeyForCash Evaluation and Start Working From Home

Growth Trends for Related Jobs is a data entry site that will pay you around 40 cents for every 1,000 keystrokes -- maybe more and maybe less, depending on market conditions. That can be enough for some extra cash but definitely not enough to make a living. To begin working for KeyforCash you have to take and pass their evaluation. The evaluation consists of three parts, numeric, letters only, and dollars only. Here's some tips to pass the test!

The keyforcash evaluation will show you a snippet or image at the top of the screen of what you need to type. It's very important that you follow the directions given at the beginning of the evaluation. When in the letters only section be sure type only letters. Capitalization does not matter. In the numeric section key only numbers with no punctuation. In dollars only you'll want to type the dollar portion only with no cents. For example, if the snippet shows 365.45, the correct answer is 365.

If the snippet is ineligible don't type anything and hit enter to the next snippet. If the snippet is blank you'll want to enter a slash like this "/". Occasionally, when in numeric, you will get a snippet that is just letters, this would be blank because there are no numbers to enter. It is also blank if the snippet shows a number or word that has been crossed out.

Another step that is often overlooked is speed. You'll want to take the evaluation as fast as you can while still maintaining accuracy.


If at first you don't succeed, try again! You can retake the evaluation with Keyforcash once every 24 hours per e-mail address. So, the trick here is to try with another e-mail address, or multiple addresses if you have them. If Keyforcash is hiring and you've passed the evaluation you should receive an e-mail within 24 hours of passing the test. The goal is to get 99 to 100 percent accuracy. Most people that have been hired within the last year were within that range. Good luck!


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