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How to Design a Signature

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Your signature is your own personal stamp of authenticity. Some prefer signatures that are simple. Others have highly intricate insignias that they use to sign off with. If you want to design a signature with some finesse, the most important step is to keep customizing it until it looks original.

Write your name in cursive script. Cursive handwriting looks more intriguing and elegant than simple print.

Elaborate the first letters in your first and last name when designing your signature. Oftentimes, only the first letter of each word is readable anyway. Use your own judgment when you experiment with each shape and form.

Pick select letters to stylize as you design your signature. By highlighting only a few letters, you can make your entire name look more attractive. For example, you could dot your i's or j's with hearts instead of circles.

Underline your signature beginning with the last letter, and then bring the line up under to the first letter in your name. You can use a single straight line, multiple lines or a squiggle. This is usually the last step of signing off, done to inaugurate the signature.


Practice writing your signature until you can crank it out within seconds. This is very impressive to witness, and gives you an air of being an accomplished writer. The more illegible your signature is, the more appealing it may appear. You can also abbreviate your first name to a single letter, and use that in conjunction with your last name when designing your signature.

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