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How to Negotiate a Salary Increase

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Maybe your employer increased your job responsibilities, or you've determined other companies pay more for jobs similar to yours. You want to negotiate a pay raise with your employer but aren't sure where to start.

Time your negotiation for your next review. Most companies do not consider pay raises between reviews unless you specifically take on a new job grade. Also, make sure your boss is in a position to negotiate. If the company has imposed a pay freeze, there isn't much she can do.

Prepare your case well in advance, preferably over the year between reviews. suggests collecting "evidence" that you deserve an increase like ways you increased sales or decreased expenses for the company, or testimonials from satisfied customers or higher-ups.

Schedule a meeting with your manager to discuss your performance and professional goals. Try to time this during a not so busy time and preferably when you've been performing well at your job.

Stay calm, confident and firm. State your reasons and listen to your manager's perspective. However, try not to give your manager an ultimatum.

Finally, if a salary increase wasn't possible, ask for feedback and action steps you can take to prepare for the next possibility for a salary increase. Learn from this experience and start preparing and performing for the next one.


Never present your case in terms of your own needs. Evidence should show what you did for the company that deserves more pay.

Warning warns that you should decide before going in whether it is a make-or-break situation, and whether you could continue working for the company if it did not increase your salary.

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