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How to Negotiate a Part-Time Salary

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Working part-time, about 24 hours a week, can give you a bit of freedom and flexibility. And the average salary for part-time work is $50,000 a year, according to the Simply Hired website. The downside to a part-time job is that you won’t receive the benefits full-timers get, including vacation time, sick days, health insurance and 401k plans. Fortunately, you can negotiate a part-time salary (and work hours).

Ask yourself why you want a part-time salary. It could be because you’re working too hard, you want to be home with your family, a loved one is sick or you deserve higher pay. Consider these reasons before approaching your boss.

Calculate your part-time salary on a prorata basis or hourly rate. Figure out if a higher salary is worth it if you’re a call-in on your days off or if you have to leave home from work early. Decide if your contributions are well beyond the hours you work in the office. Incorporate this into your salary package.

Provide evidence of your successes and accomplishments. You can keep track of them in writing or in a portfolio. Show your boss what you have done to improve the company’s success.

Mention other job offers you may have. This will show your boss that you’re in high demand and that he wouldn’t want to risk losing you to another company.

Say that you’re open for negotiations if your boss asks you what kind of salary you want. Don’t give her an exact estimate. Ask her what she thinks is appropriate for someone with your qualifications and experience. This will show that you don't have unrealistic expectations.

Ask for other options if your boss can’t offer you a higher part-time salary. You could ask for a bonus, further training, the option to work from home, or vacation time. Vacation time is not a usual benefit for part-time workers, but can be negotiable.

Tell your boss that you prefer a part-time position if you already work full-time. If it’s because you’re experiencing stress or the loss of a loved one, explain the situation to him. He’ll be able to negotiate an appropriate salary for your qualifications and experience.

Ask for the salary in writing. Have your boss give you documentation of your part-time salary agreement. This will remove any disputes in the near future.


Don’t discuss salary until you have a job offer.

Don’t sign a salary agreement until a day or two after to make sure you got everything you wanted.

Those downsizing to a part-time salary will lose health and personal benefits.

Don’t mention your salary or pay to other employees.


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