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How Do You Ask For Salary Increase?

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If you only have one chance a year to ask your boss for a salary increase, to be successful in your negotiation, be prepared, provide information about your achievements to justify your increase, maintain proper composure, and ask at the right time. The good news is, if you haven't received a pay rise recently, your boss is likely expecting your request. (See References 1 and 2.)

Prepare for your request. Establish an estimate of the worth of your position in the workplace. Check online salary statistics and review newspaper advertisements and employment associations to get an idea. Assess one of the best times to meet with your manager: upon your yearly review; after the company announces positive financial results; before next year's budget; after you have secured another job with a competitor; or after you have completed a major project. Request a meeting. (See Reference 1.)

Negotiate with professionalism. Justify why you deserve the pay raise by showing your manager a monthly account of your accomplishments and how the company and clients (if applicable) have benefited. Show her a comparison of your salary with the average salary for the role, and your strengths. Emphasize tasks you have accomplished that were not included in your job requirement, and your fulfillment of overtime hours. (See References 1 and 2.)

Discuss your salary with your manager. suggests asking him for a salary increase eight percent higher than what you are expecting. Consider delaying your request if there's high unemployment in your field, or if the company isn't doing well, or if your performance is not in your favor. (See Reference 1.)

Negotiate further by asking your boss for other benefits which may be available to you such as a company car, laptop, insurance or cell phone. Accept his decision even if you are not successful in getting a salary increase. Be logical, not emotional, and ask how you could qualify for a salary increase in the future, and set a time frame for a follow-up meeting. Thank her for the increase, or for her time. (See Reference 1.)


Whether or not you receive your salary increase, ask your manager about fringe benefits or perks that the company you work for provides such as: dry-cleaning pickup and drop-off, company vehicles, professional cleaners for your home, vacation or dining advantages. (See Reference 3.)