How to Write Resumes With No Work Experience

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How to write resumes with no work experience

Trying to find a job but have no experience. That is not a problem at all. Think outside the box. There are things that you do in your everyday life that can transfer over to job skills. These are your attributes. Play these to your advantage. Skills are the same whether they were earned at home or on the job.

If you are a stay at home mom you have skills that can be used on the job. You have been cooking, cleaning, and caring for children. Certain jobs require these qualifications. For example a housekeeper, daycare worker, or a restaurant worker are a few. Also if you can use your home computer and know how to make copies and fax.

Don't worry you can use these skills to obtain an office job. This are requirements in most of the office jobs out there. Then after you get your first job you are just obtaining new skills that will help you get a better job later on. Remember to think about the things you do daily and let them know about all the activities you are involved in like PTO, girl scouts, boosters, etc.