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How to File a Complaint at Work

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Sometimes problems arise at work. If you've tried to address the problem informally but without success, it may require attention from a manager or from human resources personnel. Filing a complaint can be very nerve-racking for an employee, but it's important to document problems and follow the proper channels to seek a resolution to the problem.

Document the problem in detail. Writing about what has caused the complaint, and keep the format of the complaint letter professional. Make sure to include your name and department and the date or dates the problem occurred. If you tried to resolve the problem on your own, explain the outcome. Address the complaint letter to your manager or other personnel who handles complaints.

Review your written complaint. Check for grammar and spelling. Make sure the statement covers exactly what you want your manager or human resources department to know. Double check the complaint is professional and to the point of the problem. Do not include language that attacks another person.

Make two copies of your complaint. Keep one copy of your complaint in your own files.

Sit down for a meeting with your manager or someone from human resources to deliver your complaint letter.. Be prepared to talk about the problem with the manager and anyone else involved in the problem.


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