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How to Write a Letter to Your Boss in Regards to a Co-Worker Giving You Problems

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With a variety of personalities in the workplace, it can be difficult to get along with everyone. Occasionally, you may run into someone who consistently gives you problems. The person make talk bad about you behind your back, take credit for work that is yours or simply cause you unnecessary stress. Writing a letter to your boss outlining the problems can often be helpful. A letter will give you the opportunity to collect your thoughts without being too defensive, and it will also give management time to think about what to do next.


Contact the human resources department at your company and find out the procedures for writing a letter of complaint. Fill out any necessary paperwork and ask who you need to talk to. Don't waste time by not following company policy. Your boss will probably tell you he can't do anything until you follow the correct procedures. Ask how long it takes the company to respond, and always followup with the complaint.

Reporting the Problem

Provide specific occurrences of the problems with your coworker by keeping a log of any issues that arise. Write down the date and the incident so you can include it in your letter. You will need to be as detailed as possible so management will know how to proceed. Don't write every single incident in your letter, but do provide enough information to outline the issue, and don't make accusations, let management complete an investigation and come to their own conclusions.


Provide a solution to the problem. Tell management how you would like to see the issue resolved. Ask to be moved to another department or ask to work from home. According to Wright State University, you should view the conflict as a puzzle to be solved and not a battle to be won. Come up with several solutions that you would find acceptable. Allow management to make the final decision and respect what they decide. The goal is to create a good working relationship with your coworker, so you can both work productively together towards the goals of the organization.

Proper Form

Write the letter in a word processing program so you can fix errors before you submit it. Type the letter using professional language, or the type of language you would use in a job interview or when speaking with customers. Avoid the use of slang or other colorful speech, and keep the letter brief and to the point. Use a business letter template from your word processing program if you are unsure of the correct form of a business letter. Read over the letter before you print it, and be sure to print it on official company letterhead. Save the document in a file on your computer so you have a copy.


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