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How to Get a License as a Roofing Contractor

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Weather can wreak havoc on roofs by ripping off shingles and creating leaks. When this occurs homeowners are forced to call a roofing contractor to repair the damage or apply an entire new roof. While there is no industry-wide certification for roofing contractors, most local government require that roofing contractors be licensed. The procedure you must follow in order to obtain a license is similar from one locality to another.

Know how to roof. To be a certified roofing contractor you must know the trade and be able to perform it well. You can learn how to roof on the job working for another contractor before you venture out on your own, or you can attend a construction program at a local technical or community college. The latter may take more time though since you learn other trades within the construction field in addition to roofing.

Obtain insurance to cover your business. When serving as a roofing contractor it's important to obtain insurance to protect yourself and your business from lawsuits involving personal injury or property damage. The National Roofing Contractors Association has a special section on their website dedicated to insurance specifically for roofing contractors which details what you need and companies that provide it.

Get your license. Roofing contractors are licensed by local government and to get a license you must pass certain roofing exams required by your city or county government. You can find out exactly what you need by visiting the Prometric website. It is the national testing organization for all licenses for roofing contractors. Selecting your state and then your city or county on the website will bring up the tests and requirements you need to become licensed.

Join a national or regional association. After becoming licensed as a roofing contractor consider joining a professional organization. This not only improves your credibility as a roofing contractor, but it also keeps you informed about the latest news surrounding the roofing industry.