How to Get Ideas for Self Employment

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There are many things people can do to start making money through self-employment. For most, it's just a matter of coming up with an idea. Most people who earn a living being self-employed are not doing anything novel or new. If you like the idea of becoming an entrepreneur, but do not have any ideas about where you want to start, here are some ways to get some self-employment ideas.

Think about self-publishing an ebook online. Whatever your career has been, your experience is valuable to others. Focus on any superior skills. Publishing an ebook online is relatively inexpensive. Check out and Amazon. com for free and low cost self-publishing.

Find a niche market for yourself from your hobbies or work experience. If you're a photographer or an artist, create an ebay store to sell your products. Create jewelry or sell used books online.

Go to the library and peruse titles of books for ideas. When you find something that interests you, research it further.

Think about taking a small element, concept, or product from the companies you have worked for and marketing it online. Research the idea online.

Start a daycare business in your home if you love children.

If you love to cook, start a catering business.

Start a cleaning business, especially if you love to clean. You can also specialize in a certain aspect of cleaning like windows, floors, and closets.

If you're an avid gardener and love planting flowers, start offering your services in your neighborhood.

Become an avid blogger. Start a blog at about your experiences finding self employment ideas and monetize the blog with Google Adsense. Check out for high traffic keywords.

Start off trying a few different ideas at once. By diversifying your interests, it's more likely one of your ideas will take off.

Use your area of expertise to be a consultant at Set your own hourly rate and chat with people online. Upwork is another popular website people use to promote their talents.

Ask your friends what they think your best talent is for making money. Many times friends and family can help you recognize your true calling.

Start offering services for the elderly in your neighborhood. The Baby Boomer generation has created a lucrative market for services related to the elderly. There are many things you can do like shopping, driving, cooking and gardening for the elderly.

Consider getting a real estate license. Search your state's website for information about how to pass the real estate salesperson or broker exam.


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