How to Get a Teen Into the Field of Journalism

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Journalism is a craft of conveying news, material, and commentary through a variety of media such as newspapers, magazines, television, and radio. It also has grown to include the Internet as well. Journalism takes many forms such as a writer, editor, photographer, broadcast presenters, news anchors, producers, and more. Each person serves as a gateway for information or news to be delivered to large audiences. Here are some tips, if you are a teen looking to break into the field of journalism.

Become active in your own high school or community in the journalism field. This means joining the high school newspaper, taking a part, no matter how small, on your high school radio, or interning at your local television studio or news studio. By studying the ins and outs of journalism on a smaller scale it will help you get a real feel for what everyone does in their particular jobs. It will also lead you on the right path of choosing which particular division of journalism you would like to be part of.

Take the journalism skills you have and make them unique. By honing some unusual skills it will make you stand out above the crowd, which is hard to do in this field. It could be becoming fluent in several languages, studying journalism abroad and learning around the world news, or even something as practicing the way you speak. When it comes to writing you also need to develop your own style that is comfortable and suits you.

Take an advanced journalism class, if available to you. If those types of classes aren't available in your high school, then look throughout your community to see if there are any workshops, weekend seminars or night classes that you can join in order to perfect your craft. Other majors or studies are also helpful if you want to get into a particular field of journalism. For example, if you are looking to work in the medical field of journalism then you should plan on taking science or biology classes that are in addition to your regular schoolwork. Anything extra you do will go a long way into not only getting you into the best journalism school, but getting you a great job upon graduation.

Get to be a whiz on the Internet. Much of the news that is delivered through various media eventually ends up on the Internet. You should not only peruse it regularly, but study it and really look at how it's written or spoken. Find various websites of journalists you admire and research what they did to become who they are. By all means, write them an email and make your self known. As long as you do it in a casual rather than aggressive way, professional journalists tend to appreciate the hard work that is put in by the up and coming journalists.


The best tip for teenagers looking to get into journalism is to persevere. If your goal is to be a journalist then don't let anyone or anything stop you. Network yourself to others in the field, by asking someone to mentor you, and just getting to know the business, you will succeed if you are driven to do so.

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