How to Get My Son Recruited for College Football

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Getting your son recruited by a college football program depends more on his talent than anything you, as a parent, can do. However, since you have a vested interest in his college football career, here are the things you can do to help your son get recruited for college football.

Attend as many scouting combines with your son as you can. Several are held in different cities throughout the year. Check out scouting Web sites as a starting point. While at the combines, talk to scouts and coaches regarding your son's chances. Stay in touch with these contacts. Call them and send them DVD footage of your son to show his progress.

Enroll your son in a reputable high school that heavily focuses on football. The more high-profile, the better chance your son will be noticed. A place like McKinley in Canton, Ohio or Mater Dei in Santa Ana, California has the type of reputation you should look for. A big key to these successful programs are the coaches. Not only can they guide you in high school, they can help you get recruited to the next level and council your family before you make any big decisions when the time comes.

Supply your son with a personal trainer who will drive him to be as physically fit as possible. Your son will not be considered to participate in college football if he is deemed to be out of shape. If your son intends to play a specialized spot like quarterback, get him a quarterback expert to help him work on different throws.

Visit colleges that pique your son's interest. Take part in scheduled recruiting visits and have in-depth conversations with the coaching staff regarding your thoughts and questions. Visit campuses when your son is on summer or spring break as well. Don't hesitate to make multiple trips to the same institutions on your quest for the perfect school to showcase your son's football talent.

Teach your son to have a selfless attitude where he puts others first. This fits in nicely with the college football mentality and top coaches will recognize it and embrace your son even more.


Chase coveted awards that would bring lots of attention -- such as the Gatorade Player of the Year.


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