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How to Fill Out a Wal-Mart Online Employment Application

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Walmart is one of the largest employers in the United States, and if you are thinking about getting a job there, you'll need to be familiar with their hiring process. You can apply for a wide variety of jobs through Walmart's website. Positions that may be available at any given time include Walmart and Sam’s Club associates, optometrists, pharmacists, corporate managers and drivers. Armed with your resume, all of the contact numbers you'll need and an idea of which job you wish to obtain, you can fill out a Walmart online employment application.

Visit the Walmart stores career website (see references). Select what type of job you are looking for by choosing it from the drop-down menu.

Create a user name and password with the Walmart career site so they can contact you about your job application and so you have access to the website at anytime.

Take a survey to deterimine your job eligibility when prompted. Prepare to answer questions such as your age, ability to show proof of work authorization, personal contact information, your minimum qualifications and your experience.

Upload your resume by attaching a file or type your resume into the form on the Walmart website. Give your resume a name when you attach it or type it. Preview your resume in the preview window that appears after you attach it.

Answer the series of minimum qualification questions when prompted. The questions will vary depending on the job for which you are applying.

Give your educational experience, including last grade completed, diplomas/degrees earned, GPA and years of graduation.

Provide your work history, going back up to 10 years. Start with your most recent work experience. Include contact numbers and addresses for your past employers.

Provide two professional references. Include the reference's name, company, occupation and phone numbers.

Answer a series of additional questions, such as whether you’ll need sponsorship for an immigration-related employment benefit and whether other family members are employed by Walmart. Tell how you heard of the job opening, when you can start work and what your anticipated pay would be.

Submit the application after you've completed all of the steps.


Use the option to save the application as a draft if you get stuck on a section. You can come back to it and complete it later. Take your time when filling out the online application and check your answers. You do not want to rush through it and have a lot of mistakes.


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