How to Get a Job Doing Internet Research

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If you are an expert at web surfing, a job doing internet research might sound like a perfect fit to you. Unfortunately, although there are some, there are not many job titles out there called "internet researcher". There are, however, many jobs that require internet research skills and speed where you can apply your internet surfing experience.

Read the steps below for several methods you can use to find a job doing internet research.

Look for jobs as a web researcher

Start off your internet research job search by looking for jobs as a web researcher. The job title might also be called an internet researcher. This is the perfect job for you as the main focus of your job will be searching for websites and information on the web. You will also need to organize the information and possibly put together reports.

Look for a job as a market researcher

Next, you should try to find a job doing market research. Here you will be researching competitors' websites and products, researching potential customers, researching potential product markets, etc. You will most likely be doing a lot of this research on the web.

Look for a job as a freelance writer

If neither of these angles worked for you, you should try to work as a freelance writer. Many companies need one-time research done on a particular subject. You can look for these jobs in outsourcing websites.

Start writing for content websites

For a very flexible job, start writing for content websites. There are many content websites where you can write and earn a percentage of their revenue. Many of these sites let you write about any topic you choose. This means you can research almost any topic you like, write an article about it and make money. Do a search on revenue sharing freelance writing jobs to find jobs like these.

Start a blog

Use your internet research skills to write a blog. Find a topic you enjoy and write a different article about it everyday based on your research. Make money through Google Adsense and finding advertisers for your blog.

Write an ebook

Write an ebook using your internet research experience. Research a topic thoroughly and write an ebook about it. Make money on every sale.


Never plagiarize! If you are writing based on internet research, make sure your writing is your own work and not plagiarized from other sources.

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