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How to Package Jewelry for Shipping

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Packaging jewelry for mail delivery has to be done carefully. The jewelry has to arrive to its destination without any damage. Proper jewelry packaging is essential in reaching this goal.

Take your clean jewelry and place it inside the resealable polybag. This will protect the jewelry so it will arrive looking great. If you want to add an extra gift with you jewelry, you can place the jewelry inside a drawstring jewelry pouch in addition to or instead of the polybag.

Wrap the bubble wrap around the jewelry in the pouch. Be gentle with wrapping the jewelry bag and do not bend or damage the jewelry. To really protect your jewelry from being damaged when it's mailed, you can place it inside an appropriate size of jewelry box with the cotton inside. Tape the wrapped jewelry to the inside of the jewelry box.

Take the packaged jewelry and tape it to a friendly note or the receipt. This is so that the person receiving the jewelry will not be clueless on why they're receiving jewelry. Sometimes people forget that they are waiting for a package to arrive. Writing a friendly note would be a nice gesture to remind them of the jewelry.

Insert the packaged jewelry with the note inside the padded envelope. You can also use a small shipping box if the padded envelope is too small. If you have business cards, you can place them inside the envelope too. Close the padded envelope. Usually these shipping envelopes have an adhesive to seal them. Add tape to sealed end to make sure the envelope will not open. Now add your return address and the address of the person receiving the jewelry to the envelope.

Add the right amount of postage to the package. Go to your local post office to ship the jewelry package. Some post offices have automated systems that will allow you to weigh the package and pay for postage without the help of a postal worker. If you are not sure how to mail it out, simply get in line at the post office and a postal worker will help you. Make sure you have the address of the person receiving the jewelry.

If you have a PayPal account, you can pay and print postage with them. Using PayPal to print postage will save you from driving to the post office. Once you have the printed postage, cut it along the indicated line and tape it securely to the envelope.

Drop off the packaged jewelry at any post office mailbox to get the jewelry to its destination.


If you want to use another mailing service, simply take your packaged jewelry to your choice of package delivery service.


Never mail anything that the mail delivery service does not allow to deliver.

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