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How to List College Courses on a Resume

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Adding an education section to a resume is common, though adding details about your coursework isn't something everyone does. Still, if you have courses that relate directly to the job in question, or you don't have much relevant work experience but want to show that you're still qualified for the position, it's worth doing.

How to Include Coursework

In the "Education" section, list your degrees and college coursework in reverse chronological order. If you've earned a degree, name it, such as "Bachelor of Science," and then state the name of the college or institution, your major or program of study, and the dates you attended, with each item separated by commas. Following that, write "courses in" or "relevant coursework," and include a few of the relevant courses you've taken. If you're applying to be an investigative journalist, for example, it may be relevant to mention you took advanced investigative courses. If you're applying to be a researcher, you might mention courses in research methodology or statistics. If you're not sure what to include, look to the "required skills" listed in the job posting, and then try to match those skills with courses you've taken. If you feel the need to elaborate more on a certain course, talk about it in your cover letter.