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How to Become a High School Security Guard

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High schools used to be relatively safe places, but they often now hire people to protect their facilities, students and staff from potentially dangerous situations. If you are interested in a job keeping school environments safe, becoming a high school security guard may be for you.

Make certain that you are physically fit. Security guards require a lot of standing, walking or dealing with situations that may require the use of physical strength and force. If you are overweight or in poor shape, it may deter you from being able to perform your job well.

Develop strong communications skills. You will need to communicate well as you have to deal with faculty and students on the high school campus. Knowing how to effectively speak to them--being assertive and calm--may help you to avert potentially volatile situations.

Know the minimum requirements for being a security guard in the school system of your choice. Many schools prefer to hire guards who are 18 or older, have completed their high school education and are legal U.S. citizens.

Get your security guard license. You will first have to take special courses. Some community colleges in your area may offer this kind of training. You will be fingerprinted, have to undergo a criminal background check and pass drug tests. You will also need good references to testify to your personal character. Upon completion of training, you can apply for your license. Find out whether your state mandates that you also pass a special state exam.

Look for high school security guard jobs in your area. You can find jobs in local newspapers as well as in online classifieds. You can try going directly to the administration offices of the school system you wish to work for and submit your application in person. If you are hired, additional training, specific to the school system, may be required.


Be psychologically prepared to deal with unruly students.

  • Be psychologically prepared to deal with unruly students.
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