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How to List a Honorary Doctorate on a Job Resume

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An honorary doctorate is typically conferred by a college or university that recognizes the recipient's longstanding contributions to a profession or society. This article explains how an honorary doctorate differs from an earned doctoral degree and how to list an honorary doctorate degree on your resume.

List your honorary doctorate degree under the sections for awards and recognition on your resume. An honorary doctorate recognizes exemplary professional accomplishment or other outstanding achievement, but it differs from an earned doctorate in that no academic study or research is required for receiving an honorary doctorate degree.

Avoid purchasing an honorary doctorate degree. There are websites that provide phony degrees for a price, which may be dubbed a "handling" or "application" fee. Some of these may identify their degrees as "honorary" degrees. A legitimate honorary doctorate degree is awarded by an academic institution free of charge.

Include your honorary doctorate degree in your resume. Detail professional, creative and volunteer experience that led to your honorary doctorate. List this information in the work experience section of your resume; it provides prospective employers with important information about the quality of your work and commitment to success.

Prepare to provide official transcripts for your earned college and graduate degrees. Employers frequently verify college degrees by requesting transcripts or conducting background checks.


Don't try to pass off an honorary doctorate as an earned doctorate; employers know the difference. Avoid using an honorary doctorate degree as a basis for starting professional ventures for which you're not qualified. Don't fall for "degrees by mail" scams. These are not the same as an honorary doctorate.