How to Write a Resume for a Pastor

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The resume is the key to gaining a successful pastoral position for a pastor who is seeking one. It is important to include any pertinent information that will assist the pastor in getting hired. Some pastors fail to include all of their gifts and talents when composing their resume, but such details can highlight the individual and possibly make him a successful candidate. When preparing a resume for a pastor, it is essential to include all of the talents that can be beneficial to the hiring party.

State the pastor’s objective. Mention how the pastor expects to help the ministry to which he is applying, and what he expects to achieve as an individual.

Highlight pastoral skills. The resume should discuss the skills the pastor possesses that make her qualified to do her job.

List any educational background relating to the applicant's pastoral position. If the pastor has attended any classes or received any special certifications, these should be listed. If the pastor has attended any seminars relating to counseling or people management, these should also be listed, as they show he is skilled in this area.

List the year in which the pastor was ordained and where she received this ordainment. If a church is seeking to hire this pastor, they will want to know this information, and may use it to decide what position to place the pastor in if they hire her.

List employment history. If the pastor has worked at any other churches , list them, along with the number of members and what the pastor’s responsibilities and duties were. If the pastor assisted in any extra departments, such as the youth ministry, list them accordingly.

List accomplishments received. If the pastor has been recognized for any awards or any other major accomplishments, these should be listed. Also list any acts of kindness or any volunteer hours that have been committed to any charitable or non- profit organization. Also include any professional memberships that the pastor holds.