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How to Sell Purses or Handbags On Ebay

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So you love fashion and purses and want to make a living at buying and selling them? How do you do it? What is the best way to start? Selling handbags and purses on ebay can be a rewarding and fun challenge if you can spot a good deal.

What to sell? This is easy, sell what you know. Handbags come in so many famous and regular brands, but the best way to start is with the ones you know. Don't go out and buy a bunch of Louis Vuitton bags at retail and expect to make a profit. People on ebay are looking for deals. If you are buying Coach bags, start there. Be sure it a style that is hot! When the Scribble bags came out I bought all of them at my local Macy's and made a profit before everyone had them.

How to list? Be descriptive and take a lot of pictures. People want to be able to see this bag. Give pictures of the inside, outside, tags and any distinguishing features. Described the bag as best you can and give measurements including the strap drop length. The more questions you can answer up front, the more time you can save.

Finding bestsellers? Look at completed listings to determine the best sellers. Sometimes what you think would be a great find is not so hot on the Ebay market.

Last but not least, payment and shipping. Paypal is the easiest way and protects the buyer and the seller. I also specify confirmed addresses or require insurance for more protection for myself.

Shipping can be done with flat rate prioriity boxes, which you can get free from the post office.

Try it out, but make sure you make money as buying can get addictive.


Use completed listing to find hot items


Buying can be addicting and hard to give up those bags.


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