How to Participate in Clinical Trials for Pay

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Clinical trials for pay are great if you need a little extra cash and have some spare time to commit. Clinical trials for pay compensate their participants for taking part in the research so you'll need to be willing to answer questions and dedicate a day or two. Beyond that, taking part in clinical trials for pay can earn you a nice extra little income when you need it.

Getting in touch with local universities that have attached medical schools or programs should be one of your first steps in finding clinical trials for pay. All you have to do is call or email the medical school and ask them about upcoming studies they are doing and find out what kind of participants they need.

Occasionally private practice doctors run clinical trials for pay and look for participants in their studies. These tend to pay slightly more than university studies but are sometimes slightly more demanding as well. You can find these by calling local doctor's offices or checking their sites for clinical trial information.

Contacting hospitals in your area is an effective way to locate clinical trials for pay and get signed up. Clinical trials involving sleep are very popular with hospitals so you might need to be prepared to stay one or two nights someplace. To find out more about those types of trials you'll need to contact the hospital administration.

You can look in two more places to find clinical trials for pay - the newspaper, and also the internet. Just poking around in each place can turn up a number of possibilities for paid trials in your area and produce relevant and real opportunities.

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