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How to Organize Your Life With a FREE Daily Planner

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With work, home and family, it can feel as though you're being pulled in too many directions at once, each with its own demands. You may feel overwhelmed, with too many priorities and too little time. The answer may be more simple than you think: a to-do list. It sounds old-fashioned -- and perhaps a little dorky -- but it works. Putting your tasks in writing helps you organize them by importance and allows you to let go of the tasks that really aren't necessary.

Make your list. Either the evening before or the morning of, make a list of things you must accomplish that coming day and things you would like to accomplish. Be realistic. There are probably only a few things that have to get done. If there were things on your list from the day before, carry them over to this day. If you have a large task to complete, break it down into smaller manageable tasks.

Now rank the tasks. Pick the top three priority tasks. Only rank the top three. This will help you feel less overwhelmed and stressed.

When you complete a task, scratch it off your list, and re-prioritize as needed. That way you only have three high-priority tasks at a time. This is a critical step for two reasons: It requires you to revisit your list, keeping you focused. It provides a sense of accomplishment and encourages you to complete more tasks.

Take your prioritizing a step further. If you truly want to organize and prioritize, take some time to get clear on your personal life goals. Write a one- to two-sentence goal for each of the following areas: faith or beliefs, family, health and fitness, finances and career and friends. Keep these goals in your notebook, and use them to help determine what tasks must be done. For example, when listing your top three tasks, ask yourself, "How do these help me accomplish my personal life goals?"



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