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How to Become a Medical Assistant Instructor

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the need for medical assistants is projected to grow much faster then average. Medical assisting ranks as one of the fastest growing occupations in the nation. To meet this need, medical assisting programs are hiring more instructors to train students to enter the workforce. But many interested in becoming medical assistant instructors aren’t sure where to start.

Make sure you meet the minimum qualifications. Most medical assisting programs require their instructors to have a minimum of 3 years medical assisting experience. It’s also a plus if you’re certified to teach CPR, which can be achieved by contacting your local Red Cross and taking a course and exam.

Create a resume tailored to skills required to becoming a medical assistant instructor. Emphasis your industry experience and management and leadership experience. For example, if you are the most tenured medical assistant in the office, you may have been responsible for training and mentoring new medical assistants.

Search for medical assistant instructor jobs. Programs that hire for medical assistant instructors include larger nationwide institutions like Kaplan and Heald College. You can also check with your local vocational schools and community colleges. Tap into unposted opportunities by contacting the director of the medical assisting program. Ask for an informational meeting to learn more about becoming an instructor. This will allow you an opportunity to get your resume in front of the school.

Offer your services on a temporary basis. Medical instructors get sick and have unforeseen emergencies. In these circumstances, the program director has to scramble to cover classes. Let the director know that you’re willing to provide your services in these circumstances. This will allow you to demonstrate your skills and work towards becoming a part or full-time instructor.

Get involved with your local chapter of the American Association of Medical Assistants. This organization provides valuable opportunities to network with other medical assistant instructors, and get connections for future job openings.


Keep your license current. Even if you won’t be practicing in an office setting, as a medical assistant instructor you’ll need to have a current license. And the American Association of Medical Assistants requires continuing education courses to renew your license.


Don’t forget to follow-up. Stand out from other applicants by following up with a phone call. Some candidates don’t make this call, fearing it might be an annoyance. However, making this contact will make your application stand out.