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How to Be a School Custodian

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Are you looking for a position that will allow you to have flexible hours and make a good salary while making a positive difference in the lives of others? Do you have a knack for cleaning and enjoy working around children and educational staff? If so, you should become a school custodian.

Have the Proper Skills

Although no educational experience is required to be a school custodian, most schools prefer to hire someone with at least a high school diploma or GED. In addition, you’ll need to be knowledgeable with routine cleaning procedures, event set up and be able to lift items. Although experience is a plus, it is not an absolute necessity. Therefore, if you are able to present yourself well and have a good work record, you may still have a good chance of getting the job.

Look For Opportunities

Your first step is going to be locating school custodian job opportunities within the vicinity where you would like to work. Fortunately the internet can be utilized to cut down on your legwork. Search online for available school custodian positions on Indeed, Simplyhired, Monster or Snagajob. In addition, these employment sites allow you to search by job position (school custodian), geographical location, or specific school districts.

Check School Districts

You can also research all of the school districts within a reasonable radius of your desired employment location. You can also apply for school custodian positions online or print an application that you can fill out and hand-deliver to the school of your choice. The National Center for Education Statistics offers contact information for schools located throughout the U.S. To use the website tool, you would simply input your name of school, address, city, state and location and you’ll get contact information. You can then visit the websites to see if available school custodian opportunities exist.

Network With Others

Network with school staff to learn about "unadvertised positions." In addition, you can even volunteer at the school of your choice. Not only will this enhance your custodian skills but it will give you an “insider’s edge” into employment opportunities. Keep in mind, however, that to volunteer, you may be required to undergo specific drug and background checks before being allowed to volunteer.

Prepare for the Interview

After you apply for the position by sending in your resume and/or job application, you will be invited to interview if the school is interested in your unique qualifications. During the interview you will be asked about your experience as well as your desire to work at the school. Be open and responsive, doing your best to demonstrate why you’re qualified to work as a school custodian. For instance, if you have over 5 years of experience and are able to perform strenuous work (like lifting 25 pounds or more), then state that in the interview.

If you are offered a position, you’ll also be required to undergo a background criminal check as well as undergo drug testing, either prior to obtaining the position or as a random test conducted during your employment.


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