How to Work for Security Guard Companies

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Even with the bad economy, security guard companies are always hiring. In fact, as the economy gets worse, the demand for security guards increases as shoplifting and muggings are on the rise. Throw the ever-increasing terrorism threats into the mix and it is easy to see why the need for security guards is still going strong.

Security guard companies contract security guards to work in stores protecting goods, in businesses protecting premises, and at events to control disorder, among others. Additionally, as this industry continues to expand, security guard companies also need employees who are not security guards to help run their business. Here is how to work for security guard companies.

Familiarize yourself with the security guard companies that are in your area. Research online to find out which ones have the best reputations. Some security guard companies will only hire certified security guards, whereas others have fewer restrictions on who they hire.

If you are already a certified security guard, you will have your pick among the best security guard companies. If not, think about what skills you do have that would be attractive to security guard companies, such as a police background, surveillance or personal defense skills, or experience in related fields. Remember that security guard companies do not only hire security guards- they also need administrative staff as well.

Put together a resume and cover letter to send all the security guard companies you are interested in. It is very important to list all of the certification and training you have, as well as educational degrees that may not seem related to the work of security guards. For example, jobs you have had that involved writing show you are capable of writing police reports should it become necessary. Management skills are a big plus. Also, speaking a foreign language, especially Spanish, makes you a very attractive worker for security guard companies.

If you do not have certification, consider attending a security guard school or training courses. These courses can be completed in your spare time in just a few months and will give you the edge when trying to get hired by security guard companies.

Be persistent: Security guard companies that say they are full right now could very well get a new contract from a big mall next week and find themselves needing new employees. The turnover rate is very high for security guards, so ask them to keep your resume on file if they reject you or else continue to reapply from time to time.

Remember that armed security guards earn more money and receive more job offers in many areas. If you complete weapons certifications in the state in which you wish to work, security guard companies will give you preference over other candidates. Don't worry if you do not wish to be an armed security guard as there are still plenty of opportunities for all types of security guards with security guard companies.


Many guards prefer to work for security guard companies as opposed to individual businesses because there is usually more work offered, no lapse in between jobs, and plenty of opportunities for extra hours doing one-time events when you need additional money. Since security guards generally have a very public presence, security guard companies prefer to hire employees who are well-groomed. This a job where appearance is very important.


Nearly all security guard companies will require a background test and drug testing before offering employment. Note that drug testing may be ongoing and random throughout your employment.

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