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How Do I Become a Walmart Parking Lot Security Guard?

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A Walmart parking lot is a location that attracts large numbers of people. Unfortunately, it also attracts criminals looking for the opportunity to create trouble. Because of this, Walmart stores or malls where Walmart stores are located often hire security guards to patrol the parking lot and maintain order. Some Walmart locations also have police substations located within them to help keep order. The process of becoming a security guard varies among stores.

Inquire in the Walmart location where you wish to work as to the way security is handled at that particular Walmart. Some Walmart locations hire their own security. Others contract the job to independent security guards. If a Walmart is located in a larger mall complex, the security in the parking lot may be maintained by the mall, while Walmart handles the private security in its store.

Look on the Walmart corporate website for job postings. Walmart store security jobs are listed under the heading "loss prevention."

Apply for a security position with the mall that hosts the Walmart store if the store is located in a shopping mall.

Check with the security agency that is subcontracted to handle parking lot security for the Walmart store if the store subcontracts its security.