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Internal Security Position Description

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An internal security chief coordinates security activities in an organization and formulates proper policies to ensure safety for personnel and corporate assets. The chief also supervises the work of security staff.

Work Activities

An internal security chief assists a company's senior management with security matters, oversees all security operations within a firm and investigates security reports and illegal activities. The chief also performs physical inspections of corporate premises to ensure conformity to security guidelines.

Abilities and Tools

This occupation entails legal acumen, effective communication and leadership in addition to time-management aptitude, according to O*NET OnLine. Being physically fit and detail-oriented also helps. A skilled and apt internal security chief often uses risk management software and security management applications.

Education and Earnings

Most internal security chiefs have a four-year college degree in criminal justice, law enforcement or a related discipline. Employers prefer professionals who have significant law enforcement experience. According to the career data website Indeed, the average annual salary of an internal security chief was $91,000 as of 2010.


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