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Gaming Compliance Officer Job Description

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Within a casino or other venue where gaming takes place, the compliance officer is a staff member who is in charge of ensuring that any internal gaming controls are in line with regulations, and is involved in developing casino security procedures and investigating compliance and security problems as they occur.

Main Duties

The compliance officer works with other staff members to design and develop internal casino procedures as well as training programs. Each department of the venue may have different internal controls, and these need to be kept up to date with state and federal law.

The officer must observe gaming activity as it takes place, investigating compliance issues and ensuring that any problems with gaming compliance are rectified as quickly as possible. The officer will likely also be involved in planning and implementing security measures designed to protect gaming patrons and limit the likelihood of criminal activity in the venue.


The compliance officer reports to the casino management or the relevant Gaming Commission, and is heavily involved in writing reports. He is expected to deliver detailed reports of compliance, audit programs and respond to external audits. In addition, he must maintain records of any control activity or violations of regulations, and perform regular risk assessments.


A candidate for the position of compliance officer must have a high school diploma or equivalent and, in general, at least a year or two of experience in the field of regulatory compliance or with the implementation of internal controls. The candidate should have experience in accounting and auditing, as well as an up-to-date knowledge of the issues involved in the regulation of gaming. Familiarity with gaming scams is an advantage. Experience in surveillance or law enforcement is also desirable, as well as a background working in a casino operations position.

Personal Qualities

The gaming compliance officer must have the ability to draw valid conclusions from an array of evidence and must be astute in her ability to identify potential problems within internal controls. The officer’s communication skills, both written and verbal, must be excellent, since the officer will be liaising with both employees, members of the public and other external parties. The officer must also possess solid organizational and investigative skills.

Working Day

Gaming compliance officers work at the venue itself, and may be called upon to come into work at any given time to deal with arising issues.


With casinos being a fast-growing industry, the outlook for a gaming compliance officer is optimistic. As noted by the Pit River Gaming Commission, a gaming compliance officer’s salary typically begins at around $27,000 a year, but the median annual salary for an officer is $41,160, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


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