How to Beg for Money or Panhandle for a Living

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Recently a newsreport stated that there are many professional panhandlers who make in excess of $400 a day. Many of these panhandlers have homes and consider begging to be a career. This is how you can get in on the action.

Be shameless. Recognize that you will be on the street begging for money and you will be losing some dignity.

Make yourself look down on your luck. Many panhandlers wear worn clothing. You do not necessarily have to be dirty and disgusting, but you should not be wearing designer clothing to panhandle.

Make up a good story about why you are panhandling and put it on a sign. Some hilarious ones I have seen in San Francisco included one that said, "I know where Bin Laden is. Need $ for a ticket and a flamethrower".

Try to beg in a place with a lot of people and a lot of daylight. The reason is twofold. First, you are likely to find more people to give money to you, and second, you are safer in a public place with a lot of light and people.

Have a good place to hide your cash. Preferably you should have a partner that takes the cash and deposits it once a while.


Be nice to people when they give you money and thank them. Accept any food people buy you, also.


Panhandlers may be arrested in certain places


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