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How to Get A Job As A Welder. Welding Jobs

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If you like working with your hands and completing complex tasks, welding might be a good career for you. Although two out of three welding jobs are in manufacturing, welding jobs are available in a number of industries. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, welders trained in the latest technologies have little difficulty finding work, but those without specialized training face more competition. Most employers are looking for well trained and experienced welders to join their teams.

Obtain training in the field. Some companies will hire and train inexperienced workers, but more and more companies expect their recruits to have some experience or training when they start. Formal welding programs are available in some high schools, community colleges and private welding schools. In addition, many companies have apprentice programs for welders where they work alongside a certified welder, assisting them and learning more skills.

Consider pursuing a general welding certification or a certification in a specialized area, such as inspection, before you look for a job. The more training you have, the more attractive you will be to a potential employer.

Try to find a good apprentice position. Once you have worked for several months alongside a certified welder and are ready, you will take a certification test for the type of welding that you need in order to work for your employer if you haven't already obtained it. Each employer has different requirements.


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