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How to Make Money Online for Free

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There are a variety of ways to make money online for free, such as forum posting, writing articles and referral bonuses.. You should never pay a fee to work from home. There are plenty of legitimate companies that allow you to earn money online for free. Usually, if there is a fee involved, it is a scam.

Write articles for an online content provider, such as Demand Studios, Bukisa or Textbroker. Some companies pay you based on the number of views, some pay you a percentage of profits from ad clicks and others pay you for a flat fee for writing articles. How much you earn depends on your writing abilities, the amount of time invested and the earning potential of the website for which you are writing. Earnings generally range next to nothing to about $50.00 per hour.

Earn money from paid forum posting. While this doesn't have the earning potential that article writing does, if you enjoy posting in forums you can earn extra cash. Paid posting ranges from less than a penny a post to about 35 cents per forum post. There are companies such as MoraChat that pay users a small amount to post. There are also better paying services, such as ForumBooster, that you can sign up with to fill various forums throughout the Internet.

Complete online surveys with companies such as Cash Crate and InboxDollars. While it's possible to earn money, there are other methods that create a lot less risk for your computer and the surveys' payout is minimal.

Provide guided search results. A fairly new way of making money online is to be paid a fee for providing search results. ChaCha is an example of a search engine service that will pay you to return search results to its users. Sometimes these searches are submitted via text messages and sometimes they are submitted via the Internet.

Earn money performing data entry. There are legitimate data-entry companies online you can work for if your typing or data-entry speed is exceptional. These positions are taken quickly and are difficult to find. Some of the best-known companies are Key For Cash and Clark Fork Communications.

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