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How to Make a Weekly Schedule

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Make a weekly schedule to increase your productivity, streamline your daily tasks and maximize your effectiveness on the job and at home. When you write it down on paper or input it into your computer, not only do you provide yourself with a visual plan for the week, but you also reinforce your goals.

Download weekly schedule pages at a website such as CalendarsQuick. The pages here are fully customizable. You can create pages by date, specify hours of the day, section titles and paper size.

Fill in each day of your weekly schedule with the tasks, duties and work schedules that are constant such as gym class, PTO meetings, family budget meeting, carpool duties, co-op pick-ups. Add other meetings or obligations to your weekly schedule in the appropriate time slots as you schedule them.

Include a meal plan in your weekly schedule if you are responsible for cooking or shopping for your household. As you make a weekly schedule, note the activities of each day and plan easy, quick or crock pot meals for the busiest days.

Note chores to be done around the home as you make a weekly schedule. Consider creating a stand-alone chore chart for each family member, writing yours on your daily and weekly schedule pages.


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