How to Get Paid to Go to Nursing School

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The average worker will change jobs six or seven times in her lifetime. Many workers are going back to school to get medical-field degrees because of the growing need and excellent pay. But it can be hard to justify spending thousands more on your education if you have a degree in another field. But you can get your nursing school paid for and even make a little extra money going to nursing school.

Choose the nursing school you'd like to attend. Make sure it is accredited and that your nursing degree will be recognized by your state's professional standards board.

Apply for acceptance to the school.

Talk to the financial aid office at the school. Many schools offer scholarships, financial aid and additional ideas for paying for nursing school.

Ask local hospitals if they have programs that pay for your nursing education if you promise to work for the hospital for a set amount of time. You will get paid for the time working for them but probably won't be offered a raise during that time frame.

Ask if the hospital will reimburse your education expenses once you are working there or pay the costs upfront and give you a small monthly stipend to cover living expenses.

Search for grants for nursing students online (see Resources).

Search for scholarships for nursing students that can help cover incidental expenses other programs and loans may not cover (see Resources).

Check with local pharmaceutical and health care companies to see if they sponsor students or offer grants or scholarships.


Work for a hospital as a lab technician or receptionist. Many hospitals offer tuition reimbursement or promote from within, so this is a way to get your foot in the door.


Fulfill any commitments made to hospitals that pay for your education. If you do not fulfill the work contract, you must repay the hospital the amount it paid for your schooling.