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How to Win a Presidential Election

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The president of the United States is one of the most important jobs in the world. Candidates need a clear election strategy. They will go through an excruciating campaign process, and the slightest mistake in the campaign can cause a huge setback. Here are some basic strategies for becoming president.

Garner some sort of reputation in the political world. For instance, become a governor or senator. Military generals have became president in the past, but not recently. While you're in office, make a splash. Get noticed by the big shots in Washington.

Pick the right political party to run with. No matter where you stand on the issues, if winning is the most important thing to you, run with the party that has the most popular platform.

Raise as much money as possible. You are probably going to have to become friends with some high-rollers. It's OK if you don't really like these people. Right now the focus is on raising money for your campaign and winning.

Run lots of campaign ads. This is where you will use half of your money. Most of your ads will explain how you will make the United States a better place. Although, you will also have to run "attack" ads to defer voters away from the other candidates. Make up commercials that show you in street clothes with blue-collar workers. This will make you look like a more approachable and caring person.

Travel constantly. This is where the other half of your campaign money will go. You will need a private jet to go to as many places as possible. Your main focus will be traveling to areas that have been hard hit by the economy, or visiting families of fallen soldiers. Try to spend the most time in swing states. You don't need to spend much time campaigning in states that will most likely vote for your party.

Choose your vice presidential candidate very carefully. This could make or break an election. If you just want to win, your pick does not have to be the most qualified person. It just has to be the most appealing. You will be a team. Pick a candidate that will help you with the demographic of voters that you are having the most trouble convincing to vote for you.

Become a good debater. Your past issues aren't as important as flipping the question to make your opponents look bad. If you look calm and confident, it will show you are winning the debate. If people hear you are winning debates with your opponent, it will help you win over voters more than discussing your planned policies.


This is a dangerous career path. Four presidents have been assassinated.