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How to Get a Job at Wendy's

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Wendy's is one of the largest fast-food restaurant chains in the country. It is also a source of employment for tens of thousands of people, many of whom have limited experience in the workplace. To get a job at Wendy's, familiarize yourself with the hiring process, which can take place both in-person and online. Most of the locations are operated by independent franchise owners who are primarily interested in hiring hardworking, dependable people who reflect Wendy's values and culture. If they are impressed with your application online, it is likely that they will invite you in for an interview.

Apply Online

Visit the company's website and click on "Wendy's Careers." Conduct a job search for a "crew member" position based on the geographic area where you'd like to work. Once you locate a suitable job opening, carefully review the information requested. Be prepared to complete a five-part online application beginning with some basic yes-no questions to determine your eligibility. A virtual interview includes eight questions that you answer in just a few sentences each.

Be Prepared

Provide honest answers that stress your reliability, strong work ethic and positive attitude. Look at each question as an opportunity to promote yourself while demonstrating your knowledge of Wendy's. Ask someone to review the answers before submitting them. Be prepared to provide your education and work history as well as personal information. Have this information readily available before you begin filling out the application

In-Person Interview

Make a positive impression when meeting a Wendy's manager for an in-person interview. Review the tips included in the company's website. Smile, be polite and communicate that you are enthusiastic about working at Wendy's. Assure the interviewer that you can be counted on to do a great job if hired.