How to Conduct an Employee Meeting

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Conducting a meeting with employees is not an easy task. However if you feel that you have an issue to discuss with other employees, you must get everyone together. Take the initiative to display your organizational and leadership skills by organizing a meeting.

Ask yourself what is the purpose of the meeting. Think of what your objectives are in terms of what you want to say and obtain from the meeting. Make a list of all the topics you are going to cover. If you are going to address controversial issues or problems at the workplace, make sure to leave time in your meeting's agenda for other employees to come up with suggestions to the issues facing the company.

Select a time and place appropriate to the purpose of your meeting. If the purpose of your meeting is to boost employee morale, you can schedule a meeting before everyone starts their workday or even at a place that stimulates the senses such as an open lawn. If your purpose is to address negative issues, think of scheduling your meeting at a time when everyone is likely to be in a better mood, such as after lunch, so everyone can be more receptive to your comments.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. You may need to conduct your meeting along with a specialist in a topic that will be discussed. Think of a human resources director if your topic is career related, or a personal coach if your topic is motivation. If you are having a celebratory meeting you can seek the help of a party planner.

Keep the lines of communication within your company open. You want to make sure that everyone who must be present at the meeting confirms their attendance. Also make sure that if other employees want to add additional topics to the meeting’s agenda, they are able to do so.

Relax and enjoy the meeting. If you are relaxed while the meeting is taking place, you will be able to better express yourself and you will be open to everyone else’s suggestions. Once you have expressed your concerns and heard what others have to say, you will feel better.

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