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How to Keep Warm in a Cold Office

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Keeping warm in a cold office isn't easy. High energy prices have prompted employers to drop office temperatures, creating chilly environments not conducive to working. It's difficult to type on your computer when your fingers are freezing and your feet are numb from the cold. While you may not be able to do anything to persuade your company to turn up the heat, you can try a few tricks to stay as warm as possible.

Use a heater if your company allows it. Heaters work best if you have your own office. They are less effective in open areas with cubicles.

Wear long johns under your clothes--the traditional thermal style of long johns or the silky variety.

Keep a pair of shoes in the office that haven't touched the cold ground outside. If you wear socks with your shoes, change into a new pair of warm socks when you reach your office in the morning.

Buy fingerless gloves to keep your fingers warm when typing or writing.

Use hand and foot warmers--small plastic packages that provide warmth for several hours when exposed to the air.

Exercise in an empty kitchen or storage area.

Drink hot tea or coffee.