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How to Do Medical Billing Without Going to School

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Medical billing associates act on behalf of medical facilities by submitting payment claims to insurance companies. Although national certifications are offered in this field, receiving one isn’t a requirement of a successful medical billing career. Doing medical billing without going to school is possible if you follow these suggestions.

Climb the ladder. Many unschooled medical billing associates got their start by doing other medical jobs within their current workplace. Transitions from the front desk to the medical billing office are possible if a desire to learn and attention to detail are demonstrated. Learn important procedures and terminology from the medical billing associates in your office. Pay attention to how your job position may affect the outcome of payment claims. For example, failure to ensure that encounter forms contain the necessary information prior to submission to the medical billing office can result in payment delays.

Demonstrate your knowledge of medical terminology. Ensure your resume includes all applicable experience and knowledge in this fundamental area. Since you’re competing with candidates that have completed formal training, you must provide reassurance that your skills are employment worthy. Practice by using proper medical terms and abbreviations at home, and especially in your medical office. Common anatomical features and conditions may have complex or even confusing medical names.

Focus on applicable medical experience. List all jobs and volunteer opportunities you’ve held to demonstrate your commitment to the medical field. While formal medical billing training is desirable, experience in the medical field may give you an edge over fledgling new graduates. For example, a former nurse with practical medical billing knowledge may be a better fit than a new graduate with no real-world experience.

Inquire about positions within smaller medical offices. Search for small medical practices that are in need of medical billing assistance. Take advantage of the slower paced setting and one-on-one guidance that a smaller location usually provides. Get used to working with a few insurance companies before working with a much larger number.

Educate yourself. Purchase self-guided medical billing practice materials to gain important knowledge. Borrow medical billing books and information from friends and colleagues that have complete their course of study. Stay informed of Medicare claims procedures to secure your understanding of standards claims procedures (see Resources below).

Get a mentor. Benefit from the experience of medical billing associates around you. Explain that you would like to enter into the profession and need help. Get suggestions on getting hired without formal schooling. This will give you a more realistic idea of how to successfully break into the field. Take your mentor search online if you can't find any in your area (see Resources below).


Pay attention to the experience and educational requirements when applying for open positions.


Never count yourself out of a position before applying for it. Many people are able to do medical billing without going to school.