How to Name a Car Wash

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Naming your car wash is a big step. This process is the heart of your operation. You will need a name that is catchy, strong and independent. When naming a business, you must decide on what your company will represent--a name that looks good during the daylight, with night-lights and on business cards.

Decide on the type of car wash you want to represent. The business could be for total cleaning and washing of the car. It could provide a service to trailers, trucks and recreational vehicles. The car wash may cater to smaller passenger vehicles. It may have a vacuum, shampooer or a coin dispenser. The business could be a self-wash, a machine wash or both.

Check out other car washes in your area. Study the businesses and their names. Think about if the names fit the type of car wash. Gain ideas from others about your car wash.

Once you have figured out what your car wash is capable of, you will need to brainstorm ideas. Take a notebook and pencil and write down all the names that pop into your head. Even if you think it is ridiculous, write it down anyways. Put down on paper catchy, silly, funny, serious names. Come up with at least 30 names for your car wash.

Ask friends and family what they think of your list. Consult any business partners as well. Narrow the 30 names down to five.

Take those five names and create business cards. You can use a professional printer or you can create the cards from your personal computer and printer. Only make one card for each name. This is to show you how your car wash name will look in print. Obviously, creating a large business sign for each name will be unreasonable. This is the next best thing in finding your perfect name. Try to create a logo with each name as well. This will give you a better feel for the name you wish your business would have.

Study the five business cards. Decide which name looks the best in print or which logo fits your style. You should be able to narrow it down some. You may even be able to choose exactly what your new car wash will be called.

Ask people on the street. If you have narrowed the names down from five, but you still are not sure. Ask the public what it thinks the name should be. Talk to people about the types of businesses they go to and if the name has any bearing on their decision.