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How to Become a Media Mogul

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A media mogul is a person who is a leading figure in the world of entertainment or news. Media moguls work with television, radio, newspapers and even the Internet. They control what the rest of us see and hear. An important characteristic of the media mogul is size. To be a mogul, you can't own just one TV station or newspaper. You must own a whole broadcasting network or newspaper chain.

Start out with a dream, or better still, an idea. Your idea should be for something that people really need--or think they need. Get yourself a job at a TV station or on a newspaper. Work on a successful show. Make sure your ideas shine. Push yourself to the front. Get noticed. Learn everything you can while making a name for yourself. An educational background in media or entertainment may or may not be necessary, depending on your ambition and talent. Remember, the higher-ups will notice you if you make people notice them. Their careers advance, and so does yours. The more money your company makes because of you, the better off you are.

Become the head of something. If you work in television, come up with a killer idea for a new sitcom. Follow those trends. Look at what is successful, at what is in demand. Media moguls know what people want. If it is news you are interested in, become a producer on a nationally syndicated news program. Dig for the most sensational stories. Ask those tough questions. Push the envelope. Be a go-getter. Your goal is to continue to get noticed while accumulating experience and profits. If you are newspaper reporter, get your own column. Anything you can do to get yourself in the spotlight is very important. Do whatever interviews come your way as long as they enhance your positive name recognition. Don't be associated with anything negative or unsuccessful.

Get those big credits under your belt. Make your move. If you have the money, or the skill at raising it, produce something of your own. A media mogul must seem to be a creative genius. Start your own ventures and peddle them to the powers that be. Soon, people will be coming to you when they want a new show or when they are looking for a new head of their international bureau. The more projects you can put together, the better off you are. Aaron Spelling did not become a mogul by producing one successful show. He did lots of them. Steven Spielberg did not not stop with one Indiana Jones. If you find a successful format, get all that you can out of it.

Make those social connections. Who you know is everything in Hollywood and a lot of other businesses as well. Follow the money. Attend those big parties. Be ready with a quip. Be prepared to offer information. Make deals at a moment's notice. Never shirk an opportunity. Accept all offers that suit your career goals. Get yourself introduced to some real moguls. Become friends with them. Play golf. Play tennis. Do whatever it takes. Ambition is not for the meek. Soon you will be getting all kinds of amazing proposals. And next thing you know, you will be heading up one TV station and then another, or one newspaper and another. Build that empire. Expand your reach. Dominate an entire field if you can. The more you monopolize--within legal constraints of course--the more of a mogul you are.


To become a media mogul, look at the careers of other media moguls. Research them and adapt their choices to your situation. Learn from them, and you can be a mogul, too.


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