How to Become a Sonographer

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A sonographer is a person who uses soundwaves to capture images. It is commonly used to monitor growth of a fetus of a pregnant woman. The duties of a sonographer is directing the high frequency sound waves, operating the ultrasound equipment in order to gather reflected echoes, take measurements and analyze results, and report findings to the physician. A sonographer can receive a decent salary of $50,000 to $65,000 annually, but this work requires precision and accuracy.

Graduate from an accredited school specializing in sonography. There are many community colleges that cater to sonography including Dallas Community Colleges and Hudson Valley Community College. Universities also have special programs in sonography including New York University and Loma Linda University. You can earn an Associates and/or Bachelor's degree and find it easier to find work as a sonographer.

Become certified. As a certified sonographer along with a degree you will garner you a much higher paying job. The pay is determined by your education along with work experience.

Register as a professional sonographer. You will do this through the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography.

Gain experience. You can offer your time for free in order to gain training. This will help you become more comfortable working in a hospital environment and become more confident. You can also get training through colleges and universities that offer on-the-job training through special programs to those that already have science and healthcare backgrounds.

Apply at for jobs at hospitals or clinics. You may want to start small by working at a clinic, but if you feel confident enough you should apply at hospitals where you can earn a higher income.