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How to Become a Cast Technician

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A bone is a living thing that constantly heals and regenerates itself. A broken bone is still living and growing. A broken bone is left unsupported will grow together crooked leaving the patient with a life of deformity and pain. A cast technician is a person who actually immobilizes a broken bone by straightening the limb and setting it in a cast under the direction of an orthopedic surgeon. The technician also removes the cast once the surgeon has determined the bone has healed completely. You can become a cast technician with the proper educational and on-the-job training.

Graduate from high school with at least a 3.0 grade point average. Focus your high school studies on sciences such as physiology, biology, anatomy and chemistry.

Enroll in classes at your local community college or university. Take classes in anatomy, physiology, biology, basic health care and medical terminology.

Follow those basics with classes in advanced orthopedic techniques, orthopedic technology and orthopedic surgery procedures. Complete these courses along with your core classes in search of a degree.

Complete your education with clinical experience to learn how to apply, remove and adjust casts, assist with the general care and transport of patients and how to complete the administrative tasks associated with the job. The length of this internship varies from state to state. Complete the classroom and internship requirements to receive an Associate of Science in Orthopedic Technology.

Apply to take the Psychological Services Bureau Allied Health Occupations Aptitude Exam. Pass this test with a score of no less than 220.

Apply for a job as a cast technician. Orthopedic surgeons, emergency rooms and clinics regularly hire individuals with this training.


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