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How to Become a Medical Courier

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Step 1

Begin your career as a medical courier by knowing the qualifications. You must be a high school graduate. Because you will be traveling, you must have a valid driver's license. You should enjoy driving and spending a large part of your day outdoors.

Step 2

Look in the newspaper in the employment section for ads to hire medical couriers. You can also view online ads. Answer all ads as soon as you see them so the job listing is still available.

Step 3

Call courier companies in your area and ask if medical couriers are being hired. Leave your information with the representative so you can be contacted first when an opening comes up. Check back frequently to see if a position comes open.

Step 4

Interview for immediate openings. Stress to the employer that you are reliable and dependable with a good driving record. Advise that you enjoy being outdoors so this position is right for you.

Step 5

Start your new career as a medical courier. Pick up and deliver the medical specimens to the lab as directed by your dispatcher. Dress appropriately, unless your employer provides you with a uniform. Be friendly to any staff members you encounter.

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